About Us

The Lutherville-Timonium Sentinel is a local community newspaper serving the greater Lutherville-Timonium area. You can check out our authors here.

Our Mission

The fabric of our communities is being torn apart. Civic engagement as a virtue has faded to the periphery of the national consciousness, and neighbors increasingly no longer see the strings of economics, politics and personal life that weave them together, only that which categorize them against each other.

The causes, both new phenomena and old dynamics, are many. It is the great blinding spotlight of the national drama, leaving no candlelight for local news; it is the seeds of fake news dogma in full bloom as reporters are targeted by police; it is the withering of community newsrooms, as greedy hedge funds and plummeting readership bleed them dry. It is also the narrow blinders of social media, the polarizing thought bubbles of the right and left pushing each other farther away from each other like magnets, the pervasive perceived powerlessness that comes with a globalized world.

We can no longer relate to ourselves, and we can no longer relate to our neighbors.

At The Lutherville-Timonium Sentinel, our mission is to help re-tie those strings that hold our communities together through accurate, timely reporting on the issues that affect the well-being of the greater Lutherville-Timonium area. This community has never known a dedicated local newsroom, and we at The Sentinel see addressing that glaring deficiency as the first step to dispelling this apathy. For the community to act, they must first care; to care, they must first know. We do seek an agenda -- not political, not economic or religious, but to inspire involvement in our community.

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